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A Miracle for Miriam - is the first story. Miriam is a nineteen year old girl who is re-introduced to her first "crush" after he has been gone for 5 years. Having not liked her previously, he quickly discovers that there is more to Miriam than he ever thought. He falls for her and tries to get her to like him back.

He has a bit of a struggle as years earlier he made a nasty What the Heart Sees is a collection of 3 short romance stories. He has a bit of a struggle as years earlier he made a nasty comment to Miriam that scarred her. In the end Seth triumphs and both fall in love. It was a sweet story, but my least favorite of the three. The reason: I thought Miriam was too hard on Seth. I understand he hurt her with his comment, but it was made when both were 14 years old.

How many have said something in haste that have come back to bite them?! A Place of His Own - is the second story. Perhaps my favorite.


What the Heart Sees: A Collection of Amish Romances by Kathleen Fuller

Josiah comes back to his deceased parents home after being gone for 10 years with the intention of fixing it up and selling it. His best friend Amanda , whom he hasn't spoken to in those 10 yrs is estatic to see him. She pretty much forces him to accept her and her family's help in repairing the house. Always in love with Amanda, Josiah is hesitant because he doesn't want to feed those feelings and hurt Amanda. Amanda, in turn, is surprised by her friends distant behavior and his "grown-up" goods looks. She is falling for him and knows it.

What she can't understand is why he is pushing her away. Determined to find out she works on him for answers. Being a short story it moved fast. I would have loved to read the development of the characters more and wish for a full-lenth novel.

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What the Heart Sees - is the third story. Another one where I would have loved a full-length novel to delve into the characters more. Christopher is returning home determined to put the past behind him and return to his family. Old issues haunt him and he finds it's hard to let go. It seems nobody understands him besides maybe Ellie. As days go by, Ellie seems to be the only one who can get through to Christopher and the fact that she is personally involved helps them to discuss the events that continue to haunt him.

I think Christopher was treated a little too harshly by his family and community. It was clear he was grieving and needed someone to talk to.

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Shunning him is not the best way to get someone who is that angry to open up and ask for forgiveness. I'm glad he was able to find and fall in love with Ellie. Ellie's father had the best line. YES, yes he did!!

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  • Good going Dad ;-. In the end everything worked out for the couple and Christopher's peace of mind. All three stories had tramatic experiences happen that forced one or more of the characters to have a change of heart and see things differently. I'd like to think these changes of heart would have evenutally come regardless of these events, but being short stories they had to move along quickly and this was the way to do it.

    I received this book free from Goodreads First-Read. Feb 27, Brenda rated it it was amazing. While I had read one of the stories in another collection it was nice to have this group of stories together in one book. Miriam was picked on in school by a boy and his friends who told her she was ugly, which affected how she viewed herself.

    She had longed for a husband, but her self esteem issues followed her "What The Heart Sees" is a compilation of three short stories that have been previously published in other books. She had longed for a husband, but her self esteem issues followed her into adulthood, making her wonder if she would ever find a mate. When Seth, the bully who taunted her in school shows up in town, and starts paying attention to her, will Miriam be able to forgive him?

    When Josiah Botranger left Paradise ten years ago he didn't even get to say goodbye to his best friend Mandy, but now he has returned to fix up their old house sell it and then leave, but perhaps he will instead find what he has been longing for in Paradise. I had already read this story but reread it anyway and found that I liked it just as well as I did the first time. In this story everything seemed to change for Ellie Chupp five years ago in an accident where she lost her sight.

    Chris Miller left five years ago after loosing his fiancee in the same accident that cost Ellie her sight. Ellie wants to be Chris' friend but can he let go of the past? Each of these stories give the reader a great glimpse as to what a fantastic storyteller Ms. Fuller is. She pulls you into each story with well developed characters and plots that move at a brisk pace. Each story has the reoccurring theme of men returning home to find forgiveness and love. There is a glossary for the Amish words that are peppered through out the stories.

    In addition there is a reading group guide and a few Amish recipes for readers to try. Fans of good clean romance with a nice inspirational thread woven in should pick up this book, its a great way to sample the work of one of todays leading Amish authors.

    What the Heart Sees: An Amish Love Novella

    Apr 15, Cynthia rated it really liked it. What the Heart Sees is a collection of three novellas by Kathleen Fuller. A Miracle for Miriam is about a young lady who was once very hurt. She carries that pain with her every day of her life, but masks it under being busy.

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    Seth is recovering from a horrible car accident which has made him see what his priorities in life should be. Can both of them find the healing they need? Josiah has returned to Paradise with intentions to leave as quickly as he can. Can he avoid the demons from his past or What the Heart Sees is a collection of three novellas by Kathleen Fuller. Can he avoid the demons from his past or will he ultimately confront them and put them to rest? He believes he is fighting alone, but he has forgotten the tenacity of his youthful best friend, Amanda.

    She is excited to see her friend back, but cannot understand why he has changed so much. In A Place of His Own, we find out that friendship and faith can overcome that which seems impossible alone. What the Heart Sees is the final novella in this book. The Amish community is recovering from a deadly car accident. The survivors are moving forward with their lives, all but one who has fled to get as far as he can from the pain. Christopher must decide if he can come to terms with what happened and truly live again. Ellie must share her pain and accept her disability.

    Will their friendship help them overcome the tragedy? I enjoyed reading these three stories. The issues confronting the characters are issues that many people face and these tales can help us to grapple with forgiveness, love, faithfulness, and hope. I found parts of Miriam's tale to go a bit slowly, be somewhat repetitious, so I can't say that was my favorite of the three.

    I do believe the middle book about Amanda and Josiah is my favorite because of the faithfulness of her friendship. The final story is the most complex of the three, but not to its detriment.

    This book offers many hours of entertaining reading and I award it 4 out of 5 pieces of bacon. Kathleen Fuller is a wife and mother as well as an author of novels, novellas, and short stories. She has degrees in early childhood and special education. Aug 25, Tammy rated it really liked it Recommends it for: everyone.

    Along with remembering how much she was in love with Seth she remembered how he crushed her heart in front of everyone when they were younger. Now that they are adults in the community and have came in contact with each other again she has to fight to keep those feelings for Seth down inside her because she is afraid that he will once again crush her heart. This is a great short story but I found myself wanting the story to continue so I could find out how their lives turned out. Then, one day he comes back into her life for her only to find out that he is leaving again.

    When they were growing up he was her best friend and she thought that she knew everything about him but boy was she surprised. Both Amanda and Josiah had a lot to deal with in this story but I found enjoyed it very much. Luckily she was not the one to lose their life but there was so much for her to deal with since the accident. When she lost John she felt like she would never get married and have the family that she always dreamed of. Then their was Christopher Miller who left the Amish faith because of the accident because he could not bring it to himself to forgive the person who caused the accident which caused the death of his fiance, Caroline.

    He had dreamed that they would have such a great life full of children and that was taken away from him and because he could not forgive he was shunned by the community. After five long years he decided that he truly missed the Amish faith and his family but when he returned to his family he was thrown a few more surprises that made forgiveness even harder. I would really like to read more about all three of these stories.

    This is my first Kathleen Fuller book and I am looking forward to reading more. Feb 10, Kaity-Jane Culbertson rated it liked it. The three-in-one Amish romance novel titled What The Heart Sees after one of the three stories within it was a pleasant read which I enjoyed.